Gorilla Produce Bins

Made to outlast a PVC Bin by several times.

Bin made from highest FOOD GRADE POLYETHYLENE and fully UV stablised ensuring your bin is made to last against the suns rays and harsh elements.  Unlike PVC, it will NOT become brittle and frequent replacement becomes a thing of the past.

Made for TOUGH work from TOUGH Australian Steel.

The bin is housed into a fully hot dip galvanised pallet size steel frame which is designed for use by forklift from two sides for rotation and a pallet truck from the opposite two sides for casual movement.  It has a sheet steel floor to prevent bin damage and is designed to multiple stack.

Your choices

Three capacities:

  • 850 ltr
  • 1,000 ltr
  • 1,450 ltr

Bin colours:

  • Mist Green
  • Heritage Green
  • Dark Blue
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Wheat
  • Trans Blue
product bins