Photo Gallery

Big Tough Bin and Barrel Rack Innovation You Can See

Sometimes a simple image is the standout. So our photo album lets you observe our innovation at work. Get ready to see barrel racks, grape bins and produce bins in a whole new light. So what can you expect to see? Here’s a sample:

  • A forklift moves your big tough grape bins and product bins in just a few simple manoeuvres. So you can save your back.
  • Our ground-breaking master racks protect your valuable barrels with secure stacking up to 5 racks (10 barrels) high. So you can maximise crucial warehouse space and asset protection.
  • Forget arduous assembly. Superior welded construction means Gorilla barrel rack technology comes ready to use immediately.
  • A place for all barrel sizes and types. Gorilla barrel racks and master racks can accommodate almost any barrel form. Even a mixture of barrel types in one seamless stack.