Form and function are imperative. Yet innovation is the unique strength on which Gorilla solutions stand apart. Our range of products boasts state-of-the-art technology and industry-specific ingenuity backed by proven long-standing merit.

Choose from our pioneering Gorilla:

  • Wine barrel racks
  • Polyethylene-lined grape bins
  • Barrel master racks
  • Produce bins.

Founded on Falland rack and bin ingenuity

Our wine barrel racks and grape bins are founded upon enduring traditions of excellence. Spanlift has been providing Australians with leading steel fabrication for over four decades. We began as a small family structural steel fabrication business in 1972. Now we are an established multi-faceted enterprise that stays true to a single motto: We are in business today – for tomorrow.

Recently we recognised key synergies between our steel fabrication expertise and another family business. The Falland name is synonymous with superior bin and barrel rack solutions based on thorough research and feedback direct from our product end users.

Big tough technology with state-of-the-art sophistication

Since acquiring the Falland grape bin and barrel rack business we have been on a mission: to provide Australia with bin and barrel rack brilliance.

Our numbers show we are delivering. With 250,000 barrel racks to 950 wineries so far, we must be doing something right.

You will immediately see the difference in our big tough grape bin, rack and barrel master rack technology. We complement these Falland-founded products with innovations such as:

  • Superior barrel stack stability
  • Enhanced stack capacity up to several high
  • Greater stacking flexibility with modules to suit Barriques, Hogsheads, Puncheons and Demi-Muids
  • A post-manufacture hot dip galvanising option for a rust- and maintenance-free lifetime
  • Polyethylene-lined grape bins for improved operational life and 100% food safe storage.

As a proudly Australian business, home-grown ingenuity and service is what we are all about. We use Australian steel to create Australian jobs. So we deliver better products and prices to Australian viticulture and agriculture. 

Contact us today and put Gorilla wine barrel racks, barrel master racks and grape bins to work for you.