Gorilla Grape Bins

Meet the new grape bin great. Gorilla grape bins are tough, painlessly portable and big. With 2.85 cubic metres of bin you will have plenty of storage on hand. Meanwhile every Gorilla grape bin bears a polyethylene liner of 100% food-grade quality. So you can store grapes in conditions that meet Australia’s strictest standards for food storage. That means you can rest easy that your grape stocks will be kept hygienic and corrosion-free.

Gorilla grape bins are so industry-centric that they deliver on all key commercial drivers. Designed specifically for agriculture and viticulture purposes, our grape bins previously bore the acclaimed Falland name. Now they boast our trusted Gorilla brand together with several upgraded design features including:

  • Sturdy steel framing to withstand the toughest handling
  • Customised forklift channels for easy manoeuvrability with option of side entry
  • Hot dip galvanisation to eliminate maintenance demands
  • Option-rich stacking, loading and lifting
  • Flexibility to work seamlessly with a range of standard handling equipment
  • Optional bin lid for transport or fermentation.

Gorilla grape bins offer a choice of smart colours for individual identification. You can even emboss your company logo into the bin liner, if you want.

Grape Bins
Beyond the Grape

Gorilla Grape Bins Go Beyond the Grape

Let’s face it. Produce requires premium bin technology. So that is exactly what Gorilla produce bins deliver. Each produce bin sports the same big, tough, innovative features as Gorilla grape bins. They also offer:

  • Full UV stability to withstand Australia’s harshest elements
  • Forklift manoeuvrability from two sides for rotation
  • Compatibility with casual pallet truck portability on non-rotating sides
  • Multiple stacking design for serious space saving
  • Tough steel sheet floor for ultimate robustness.

Our produce bins are ideal for a range of applications including:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Abattoirs
  • Food
  • ..and much more

Choose from our adaptable 850-litre, 1000-litre, 1450-litre or 2,850-litre produce bins.  You can even choose from a range of colours according to individual preference or storage identification systems. Select from:

  • Mist Green
  • Heritage Green
  • Dark Blue
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Wheat
  • Trans Blue.

Contact Gorilla Products Australia today for next generation grape and produce bin solutions.