Gorilla Barrel Master Racks

Form. Function. Forklift manoeuvrability. The Gorilla barrel master rack delivers all this and more. Now you can savour simple orderly warehouse presentation along with best-in-class barrel storage. Our innovative tight barrel bundling will help you with your transportation budget as well.

Steel on steel stacking: full time racking

Our master rack is a wholly self-supporting barrel storage system. Your barrels will benefit from:

  • Strictly secure storage while bearing no weight
  • Highly versatile storage accommodating thinner or uneven barrel sizes
  • Greater access for topping, sampling and pumping
  • Damage-combating design with no sharp edges and seamless barrel turning innovation.

Business-driven benefits in every barrel master rack

Your barrels are not the only party to benefit from the big tough Gorilla master rack. Your business and bottom line also has much to gain. Commercially-driven features of our barrel master rack include:

  • Unique interlocking locating system to optimise space saving and structural checks
  • Protrusion-free construction to leave machinery and personnel unhindered
  • A choice of pre-galvanised material or post-manufacture hot dip galvanisation for unrivalled longevity
  • High stacking capabilities for greater storage volumes along with a minimal space footprint
  • Revolutionary rotation options including part rotation, occasional 360° rotation and frequent complete 360° rotation.

We know that portability is pivotal to your business. So the Gorilla barrel master rack is made to move. A forklift can safely and easily move the ‘master’.

As you would expect, our big tough barrel master rack holds full international design registration spanning:

  • Australian Registered Design No: 154262
  • USA Design Application No:  29/201283
  • Canadian Design Application No:  106040
  • International Design Application No:  PCT/AU2004/000853.



Gorilla Products Australia makes no representations as to the height that Barrel Storage Racks may be stacked. The safe number of cages in a stack in any particular situation will vary according to available lifting equipment, operator skills, floor conditions, roof clearances, etc.  You must obtain your own engineering advice relevant to you own circumstances.


Rack Specifications - 40kg

for Hogshead & Bordeaux
     1610 wide x 875 deep x 950 high

for Burgundy & Bordeaux
     1550 wide x 810 deep x 900 high

No weight on Barrel

from barrels above thereby promoting:

  • use of thinner barrels
  • minimal leakage

Competitively Priced

Simple, uncluttered design

O H & S Initiative


Stack into tight bundles for best freight rates!


Greater Safety

Locating feet that protrude can
cause dangerous catch of adjacent stacks.

Our unique locating system has no protrusions.
Saves precious warehouse space too!